Welcome to Intercom
Where and What is Intercom?
We are located in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka City is one of the largest cities in Japan (population about 1.3 million), and the leading city in every sense for the island of Kyushu, which is the southernmost island of the four major islands of Japan. Because of Kyushu's historical and geographical characteristics, the island and Fukuoka in particular have served for centuries as the gateway between the Asian continent (Korea and China) and Japan. This tradition of intercultural exchange continues today, and international air routes throughout the Asian-Pacific region make multi-lingual publications essential.

Intercom has grown with the local market, helping support the growing tourism trade from Taiwan and Korea, as well as international conventions drawing primarily on the English-language speaking world. Our technical expertise, however, has won us a continuing flow of high-level translations in electronics-related fields such as consumer electronics, computing, telecommunications and semiconductor manufacturing from clients in Tokyo, Seoul, California, New York, Florida and London. With the support of the Internet, we are linked to customers and translators around the world.


  • Planning and Writing
  • Translation
  • Layout and Graphic Design

    Intercom's graphic designers have many years of experience designing and laying out newsletters, pamphlets and other corporate publications, as well as converting existing publications in one language into crisp, attractive works in one or more other languages.

  • Typesetting

      Intercom offers typesetting in all of its languages, using The Fontworks Collection for Japanese; Equinox HY, SoftMagic and SAE fonts for Korean; and Monotype, DynaLab and SAE fonts for Chinese. In addition to those, we have literally thousands of Type-1 Roman fonts, including the complete NEC Type Gallery, Adobe Font Library, Corel font collection, and URW font collection.