The Intercom Group

Kurodahan Press

Founded to apply Intercom's strengths in language and design into the world of intercultural communication, Kurodahan Press is helping bring Asian literature and academic publications to the English-speaking world.

High-Tech Information Center Nagoya, Ltd.

Intercom's former branch office in Nagoya was spun off as an independent firm in 1993, to better serve the needs of heavy-manufacturing clients in the industrial mid-Japan region. Key customers include Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan Motor Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Kobe Steel Corp., Roland Corp., and a host of other global corporations, as well as research institutions such as Osaka and Nagoya Universities. And as a member of the Intercom Group, the High-Tech Information Center Nagoya ( is able to take advantage of our extensive translation and production resources to deliver the best possible product in the shortest possible time.

Intercom Press, Inc.

Formerly the Publications Department of Intercom, this firm writes and publishes a line of textbooks and other teaching materials for students of the English language. Aimed primarily at the high school and university levels, all products are planned, written and designed by teaching professionals active in the field. Innovative approaches to teaching have earned Intercom Press ( a growing place in English-language education in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.