Pricing notes
It is close to impossible to provide a fixed price that can be applied to all translation or layout jobs. A number of factors influence pricing, including volume, deadline, source and target languages, field of specialty, customer provision of jargon lists, software requirements, and difficulty in creating page layout elements such as diagrams or tables. Basically, however, remember that there is a trade-off between time and money: in general, you can have a job done cheaply over a longer period of time, or more expensively in a shorter period of time. You can't have both. The quality, of course, remains the same Intercom quality that has won us - and kept us - customers in Japan and America for over a decade in the field. Finished translation work is generally calculated in the following units:

Japanese, Chinese, Korean 200 characters
English, European languages 100 words


As delivery varies with the language, content and volume, please let us know your desired delivery date. We will try to accommodate your needs.


The fees for all work that we translate include two character checks, one using the preliminary layout and one using the color proofs. However, any changes made by the customer to the original may be charged separately.