Intercom makes extensive use of outside translators, layout and design professionals, and writers. In this business our most important resource is our people, and when a job comes in we have to have reliable professionals on call to handle it the way the customer deserves. If you are interested in working together, drop us a line with a few details, and let's talk about it.

Specifically, we will want to know your name, location (at least city, district, and country), email address, outline of education, professional training and past jobs, and what sort of work it is that you are looking for (astonishing how many people forget to tell us what languages they work in!).

Terms for every job are determined and agreed on in advance, but in general we pay by the output volume, measured in bytes. All delivery must be by email, normally as a text (for English, ASCII) file. This means all our translators must have a facsimile and an email address. You may use either Mac or Windows (or UNIX, OS2 or DOS, for that matter), with very few limitations on software because we only want the text file. The most commonly used text encodings are ASCII for English, Shift_JIS text for Japanese, GB or BIG5 for Chinese, and KS for Korean. We support all the file compression schemes we know of, but it is a good idea to verify compatibility before sending something in compressed.

Payment is normally made at the end of the month following delivery of your translation, in cash into your specified bank account. Currency is determined in advance. We pay costs to send the money; if it costs more money to get it out at your end, you have the honor. For payments to individuals in Japan we must withhold 10% tax in your name. This may also be required in certain cases for payments to individuals overseas (please check in advance).