Major projects
Toyota Motor Corp.

After almost a decade of research and development, Toyota's automobile CAD/CAM software was ready to be implemented in overseas manufacturing facilities. Because all software resources had been developed and trialed in Japan, though, they required translation into English. In addition to thousands of pages of documentation, all on-screen menus, messages and dialogues also had to be translated into appropriate English which was not only clearly understandable to native speakers, but also met length restrictions imposed by tight display real estate.
Total project time: Five months.

Nikkei Electronics ASIA

Recognized as the leading provider of industry-specific news and technology in Japan, the Nikkei BP group publishes a host of magazines and books. In an effort to make this information more available to the outside world, Nikkei Electronics ASIA was launched several years ago, drawing on outstanding articles from Nikkei Electronics and Nikkei Microdevices, as well as submissions from practicing engineers in the field. Since articles are translated in parallel with original publication, drafts and galley proofs are used as source material, often with last-minute changes. And Intercom was there from the very first trial issues, in English, Korean and Chinese. Years later, we still handle this internationally-recognized magazine as a showpiece of our work.

General Electric

A new electric power generating plant in Tachibana Bay, Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan would be operated by Japanese engineers, and thousands of pages of operating and maintenance manuals and technical drawings had to be available for instant access. In addition to translation into appropriate Japanese, we also handled layout for all of the documentation, and provided the material in the form of PDF files on a CD for quick, easy and reliable access.
Total project time: 15 weeks.

Nikon America

Nikon Corp is the world's leader in the photolithography steppers used to manufacture today's semiconductor devices, and as R&D, manufacturing and maintenance is shifted to local operations in the United States and Europe, massive amounts of technical documentation have to be translated to bring local engineers up to speed. The entire hardware and software technical support library for Nikon steppers was translated and laid out to specification, providing quick and accurate information when needed.
Total project time: 12 weeks.

City of Fukuoka

Eight years ago, Intercom produced the first Administrative Guide to Fukuoka City for the city government. 80 pages in length, it introduced the many faces of the city with extensive data resources, and was published in English, French, Chinese and Korean. The new edition, required to reflect the rapid changes in the region, maintained the same length, but was totally redesigned and rewritten, packing roughly twice the informative content into the same page count, but maintaining the same clear, easy-to-read appearance of the original. The project began with planning and writing, followed by translation, design, then layout and printing.
Total project time: 8 weeks from proposal to proofs, 4 weeks for printing.